Debut tune “Anonymous” FIRST LISTEN

“  ‘Anonymous’ has sort of a deep, dark jazzy feel to it. The song honestly reminds me of sitting in a dark jazz club, letting Kim’s soft voice fill my head. Crafty syncopation in the drums, deep bass and harmonic guitar chords lay a hypnotic backdrop, while Kim’s fluttering flute aptly fills in the gaps. ”
– Ragin’ Randy Entertainment

16864747_10103536317677934_3148127321641015114_nWritten by Kim Gravatt
Produced at Dock Party Studios by Mitch Curl
Saxophone, Flute & Vocals by Kim Gravatt
Drums & Guitars by Mitch Curl
Bass by Casey Nuttle

Recorded using handmade pre-amps by Vacuum Tube Processors


Ragin' Randy Entertainment Interview Preview

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